INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDS We specialize in Pheasants and Hungarian Partridge for release on your own property.
INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDSWe specialize in Pheasants and Hungarian Partridge for release on your own property.

Indian Lake Game Birds Chukar Partridge

Customers are always impressed with our Chukars.

Our Chukar Partridge are the best in the midwest!  Everyone that sees them including customers that have purchased them before are amazed at how big and strong they are.  Also, how explosive they are when flushed during a hunt or dog training session.

We have been developing our own breed of Chukar for several years now and are very proud to say that we have the best of the best garanteed!

(also, being bigger than most, they make a better meal)

Where to Find Us:

Indian Lake Game Birds
Winthrop, MN 55396


Phone: +1 507-647-3928

Above are some young adult pheasants (12 weeks) enjoying the Pheasants Forever food plot we planted in their flight pen. They love eating what I call weeds but they are native grasses and other foliage.

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