Indian Lake Game Birds & Hatchery and Indian Lake Quail Eggs, For hatching or eating
Indian Lake Game Birds & Hatchery and Indian Lake Quail Eggs, For hatching or eating
INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDS We specialize in Pheasants and Hungarian Partridge for release on your own property.
INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDSWe specialize in Pheasants and Hungarian Partridge for release on your own property.

Our Hungarian Partridges are raised from eggs that were laid by adults that came directly from Europe. These birds are much more hardy than most because inbreeding is never a factor. We get them started on a wire bottom pen to prevent any illnesses they can acquire through the bottom of their feet. Both Chukar and Hungarian Partridges can be susceptible to disease this way. Being on wire helps keep them cleaner and dryer. Then we get them outside as soon as possible so they will be ready for release when you pick them up.

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European Partridge Genetics - Strong and Healthy!
Juveniles available mid-September (ready for release)
Please call for best pricing 507-647-3928

AT INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDS (WINTHROP MN) WE SPECIALIZE IN JUVENILE HUNGARIAN PARTRIDGE FOR  RELEASE / RESTORATION. Part of our mission is for private land owners to have Huns back on their land where they once were.

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Indian Lake Game Birds
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Above are some young adult pheasants (12 weeks) enjoying the Pheasants Forever food plot we planted in their flight pen. They love eating what I call weeds but they are native grasses and other foliage.

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