Indian Lake Game Birds & Hatchery
Indian Lake Game Birds & Hatchery
INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDS We specialize in pheasants for release on your own property.
INDIAN LAKE GAME BIRDS We specialize in pheasants for release on your own property.


Do you miss hearing the sound of the Rooster Pheasant's cackle?

Then re-stock your own property with our birds. 


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  • We are a Commercial Game Farm.
  • We are inspected by the Minnesota DNR
  • We are inspected annually by the Minnesota State Board of Animal Health
  • We belong to the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP certified/approved)
Indian Lake Game Birds Located in Winthrop Minnesota

Our mission is to cater to the people that may only be able to buy a limited number of pheasants at a time but come back repeatedly as well as the person that wants to release hundreds of pheasants on their property each season.  It is also our priority to produce the strongest, healthiest and wildest pheasants and other gamebirds available anywhere

We stand behind everything we provide and offer uncompromising customer service. Whether you buy your birds from us or another vendor we are happy to share what we've learned raising pheasants and other gamebirds for over 11 years.  

We specialize in juvenile Pheasants for release, strong and wild Chukar Partridge and Quail for dog training. With that in mind genetics are the key to raising our gamebirds as strong and wild as possible. The health and happiness of our birds only adds excitement and value for our customers; both 4 legged and 2 legged.  We've tried hard to develop a bird that is both healthy and challenging in the field.

I am getting ready for fall; just try & catch me!

Where to Find Us:

Indian Lake Game Birds
Winthrop, MN 55396


Phone: +1 507-647-3928

Interesting Nutritional Findings

Read about Quail Eggs on the Jumbo Brown Quail page.

Jumbo Brown Quail

Above are some young adult pheasants (12 weeks) enjoying the Pheasants Forever food plot we planted in their flight pen. They love eating what I call weeds but they are native grasses and other foliage.

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